Category: Advertising

  • Canadian & U.S. Crew & Talent Payroll

    Through Cast & Crew and its suite of premier brands, including CAPS and The TEAM Companies, commercial producers now have access to comprehensive support for hiring North American crew and talent, including: Wherever and whatever you’re producing, our highly experienced teams are ready to support your project with expert guidance and exemplary service. Please contact…

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  • I-9s: Rules of the Road

    With tighter budgets and deadlines, it is critical for producers to find efficiency throughout the production process. However, as producers look for ways to reduce time spent on administrative tasks such as onboarding, sometimes corners are cut too close. This leaves the production company exposed, particularly when it comes to the I-9. Recently there has…

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  • Advertising Legislation Spotlighted in DC

    A group of advertising associations, including the 4A’s, ANA and others came together in DC this month to make their case against federal and state legislation levying further taxes on digital advertising.  The groups argue that more taxes mean less advertising spending, less support for local channels and decreased information distribution. Many states across the country, including…

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