Corporate and production accounting software

We offer innovative software to enhance the payroll, calculation and accounting process unique to our clients.

Stop relying on workarounds and get back to efficiency with software that is tailored to your workflow.


Digital onboarding and timecards.

No more start packets or paper timecards. Employees can manage their profiles online and complete their timecards digitally. Now you can quickly and efficiently manage your production's payroll ... anytime, anywhere.

CAPS Electronic Time Card system makes payroll easy on the go
CAPS Abstract UI Tester v4

Corporate and production accounting software. Tailored and efficient.

Specifically designed for commercial (or short-term) productions. You can now support both your job costing and corporate accounting within a single application. Cloud-based, efficient, flexible and fast ... and now with an updated look and feel and custom reports.


What our clients say.

“I’m always relieved when I’m out on a tour that has partnered with CAPS. I know they’ll get it done and more importantly done right.”

– Tour Manager


Hours-to-gross? Easy peasy.

Running a commercial production can be complicated ... especially if you're a freelance producer. We get it. Our solution allows you to easily access your production's timecards, run HTG calculations and reports and submit payroll ... efficiently and accurately.

CAPS+ Hours to Gross software

Production accounting software. Designed for film and TV.

Easily access multiple productions at once, consolidate vendors, calculate cost estimates or access the digital PO system ... quickly and efficiently. Designed for you, for the way you work.