Extras Payroll for commercials, tv and film

Payroll for Extras

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Efficient, inexpensive payroll processing for extras talent on any kind of project – whether commercial, feature film, television or branded content. Paying background actors is an important part of your larger project. Let us handle it with all the SAG-AFTRA requirements in place for extras payroll.

What about digital vouchers for SAG-AFTRA Extras?

Already working with a digital voucher solution provider for your extras payroll? No problem. We interface with some of the top extras voucher solutions to make your background payroll that much simpler – whether for 50 extras on a commercial shoot or 500 on a feature film.

What’s included with extras payroll from CAPS:
  • Employer-of-record payroll for your non-union or SAG-AFTRA extras
  • Workers’ compensation and Unemployment liability coverage
  • Optional access to commercial accounting software with job costing
  • Simple and secure voucher submission process – or bring your digital vouchers!

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